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The user story is a term vastly used where the company claims to be using agile methodology. …

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  1. A good user story should describe the problem that we are trying to resolve rather than offering a solution to the problem
  2. It should focus on the outcome rather than the output
  3. To create empathy, the user…

DoD checklist

Why you need a Definition of Done(DoD)?

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Testing Pyramid

  1. Provide continuous feedback: Agile testing provides continuous feedback about how a product meets the business needs and distribute test results. …

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Agile manifesto and its correlation with testing

1. Individuals and interactions over processes and tools

Agile testers are involved in the requirements, design, and development of the project and have constant interaction with the entire team ( including developers, fellow testers, business analysts, scrum master, and product owners).

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Nida Khan- Passion for QUALITY PRODUCT


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